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We generate objects, materials, surfaces and environments at scale to make A.I. training more effective and cost efficient

Who we are

We are a European A.I. company based in Berlin.
We enable businesses and individuals to gain access to artificial intelligence solutions that really solve their individual needs.
We produce visual high resolution A.I. training datasets and A.I. models to create an evolving library for synthetic A.I. training data. As synthetic data is a digital commodity we can scale the production and thus provide the essential resource for A.I. development - pre-labelled, with highest quality, unrestricted access, and at a lower cost.

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We provide the essential resource for successful machine vision projects: High-quality training data
Our procedurally generated datasets contain all relevant metadata on content and environmental context factors.
As a result, A.I. application projects for tasks such as object recognition or anomaly detection become much more efficient. They have a shorter development time, higher quality and a more predictable outcome.
With our technology partners, we are able to provide solutions to machine vision challenges across industries.

Synthetic Data:
The Democratization of A.I. 

Companies planning to implement A.I. solutions in their operations require massive amounts of data. However, sourcing the right visual data for individual A.I. use cases is one of the major challenges for unlocking the full potential of industry 4.0.  
Only a fraction of globally produced data can be used for A.I. training. And even the available data suffers from limited quality, lack of diversity, annotation costs and ownership constraints, leading to time-consuming and ineffective computer vision development.
By using synthetic instead of real data, custom A.I. solutions for complex machine vision tasks can be realized within a short amount of time and at a lower cost.
Pre-labelled data
Images with highest quality
and perfect annotation
Flexible and Scalable
Recreate required variation
of objects and environments
Faster AI Development
Accelerate time to market
with lower development costs
No Privacy Restrictions
Independence from
data protection laws
Maximum Dataset Flexibility

Industrial Use Cases

Enabling new levels of visual analytics
Car Damage Assessment

Every year, car rentals, dealers or insurance companies lose > $100bn on vehicle damages. A.I. can help to detect even small damages accurately and on time.

Aircraft maintenance

Regular inspections ground commercial aircrafts for hours or even days. A.I. can support engineers during visual routine checks to identify damages and irregularities more efficiently - reducing aircraft downtime significantly.


In the majority of occupations in manufacturing, at least 30% of activities can be automated. However, potentials e.g. from A.I.-driven quality control remain unrealized due to task complexity and variation.


Rising environmental concerns around the globe lead to growing efforts to recycle waste materials such as plastic. A.I. transforms the industry by increasing sorting accuracy and speed, leading to substantial growth of overall recycling rates.


Computer vision enables the identification and analysis of elements in aerial photos at a mouse click - with massively improved results. Diverse fields such as farming or power grid maintenance are offered new monitoring opportunities.

What our partners say:
AMAX recognizes promethion's innovation leadership (...) and its unique potential to become the industry go-to supplier for image-based training material.
Rene Meyer, VP of Technology, AMAX Engineering Corporation, Fremont CA
Member of


Kasimir von Finck
Founder & CEO
Moritz Hollmann

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