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Quality inspection
in manufacturing

Find and locate even small product defects automatically

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Detection of
Damage & anomalies

Automate surface maintenance in infrastructure as well as automotive & aerospace industries

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Analysis of
Aerial images

Analyze environmental and agricultural data more accurately

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robotics &
Autonomous motion

Use A.I. to allow robots, drones and cars to carry out autonomous actions

No manual data collection / cleaning / labelling.
Boost your A.I. project with high quality training data.
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The Synthetic Data Ecosphere

What if collecting and labelling data was no longer necessary? What if we could create the exact data we need?
With Synthetic Data this scenario becomes a reality. We use an interdisciplinary approach to generate highly realistic visual data that is optimized for machine learning algorithms.
Our data has a consistently excellent quality, pixel-precise annotation and can be generated at massive scale with the push of a button. This allows to quickly source data even for edge cases and rare events, while also controlling for data bias.
Using synthetic training data makes the development of A.I. applications for tasks such as object recognition or anomaly detection much more efficient. Instead of spending months or even years in the data pipeline, a solution can be deployed within weeks. It has a higher accuracy right from the start, can be easily adjusted and the outcome is far more predictable.
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Maximum Dataset Flexibility
Synthetic data from Berlin

About us

We are a team of A.I. specialists, scientists, artists and interdisciplinary thinkers from all over Europe and beyond.
With our diverse skill set and backgrounds, we successfully challenge established paradigms in A.I. development and eliminate the dependency on real-life data collection for many machine learning use cases.
Solving problems is at the heart of what we do. We do not use synthetic data because we think it sounds fancy (it doesn't). We use it because it really works and helps to overcome some of the most tricky challenges in A.I. At the same time, the technology has the potential to make A.I. more accessible to those who have so far been excluded from the most advanced blessings of industry 4.0.
What our partners say:
AMAX recognizes Promethion's innovation leadership (...) and its unique potential to become the industry go-to supplier for image-based training material.
Rene Meyer, VP of Technology, AMAX Engineering Corporation, Fremont CA
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